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 Reviews, Articles and Comments

Keith and Heather Nicol visited the 2012 Vinland Music Camp and wrote this article for their blog.

Downhome Magazine wrote this article about the Camp in 2010.

The Western Star, a Newfoundland newspaper based in Corner Brook, visited Killdevil in 2010 and wrote this article about the Camp.

George Tucker of Norris Point wrote this poem inspired by his attendance at the 2010 Camp.

Writer Kathleen Winter wrote this article about her time at the Vinland Music in 2002.

Below are some comments from those who attended Vinland Music Camp:

  • Keep doing this camp. The memories made here will keep a lifetime. The children who come here will look back and think of how lucky they were to be able to participate in such a wonderful experience. The trip to Woody Point was an excellent addition. Also, the group performance was a wonderful way to stretch our musical abilities.
  • This is my very first experience attending a camp and it is one I’ll never forget. Met a lot of wonderful people and had an excellent week. Thanks to you all.
  • Thank you. I had a wonderful rejuvenating week.
  • Wonderful. I’ll be back.
  • I’m a returned student and will again be returning as a student. This is an amazing idea and keeping our traditional music alive is so important. I spread the word to everyone about the amazing time I have here..
  • Relaxed fun but still beneficial.
  • The best week of the summer.
  • Fantastic. I love the camaraderie. Excellent instruction. Great to see the instructors doing the dishes with everyone else.
  • Very enjoyable. Great opportunity to connect with NL Music.
  • I loved it, it taught me a lot and it was very fun this year.
  • It is such an amazing experience. I really enjoyed camp.
  • It was so awesome, had a great time.
  • Great camp! Loved the instruction and recreation. Guest performers a great idea.
  • Wonderful experience – great place to learn, friendly instructors.
  • Excellent. Congratulations on a job well done.
  • Terrific.
  • Astounding.
  • I love the camp.
  •  It’s very well organized and fun.
  •  I love it.
  •  It’s my favourite camp ever.
  •  Awesome, coming back next year.
  • Loved it! Definitely coming back next year.
  • A fun camp for all ages.
  • A camp for everyone to do music and learn new things!
  • The best part of my summer. I learned a lot and have so much fun.
  • It’s great. Enjoyed it immensely. Thought it couldn’t be better than last year but it was.
  • Well organized fun learning environment. Not intimidating, encouraging you to find the “music in you”.
  • Excellent week for learning.
  • Great experience! Variety of classes and instruments is unique.
  • A wonderful experience
  • Well beyond my expectations. I hope to return with my husband next year.
  • An excellent experience, great music, instruction and entertainment.
  • A great time, very patient instructors who always display positive attitude.
  • It’s really fun. I look forward to it year round.
  • It’s awesome and is the highlight of my summer.


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