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Vinland Music ONLINE Camp 2020 Program

Vinland Music Online Camp’20 will consist of workshops, concerts and singalong ‘campfires’ using the Zoom video conference platform, beginning on August 2 with an Orientation Concert. All registrants will receive a 20th Anniversary Vinland Music Camp Songbook (PDF) containing 40 of our favourite songs and tunes that we’ve taught at Camp over the years as well as some new ones.

You can view and download the Workshop Descriptions for this year’s Camp. The Schedule is shown below and can also be downloaded. The workshops will take place weekly starting Monday, August 3.

We’ve invited some of the Province’s top artists to perform for our weekly concerts, including Allan Ricketts and Rosemary Lawton – two artists who’ve also attended Camp as students and have since gone on to careers in music. Two newcomers to Camp – Carole Bestvater from St. John’s and Markus Räsänen from Sweden – will also be performing for us and joining in our workshops. All the shows will be streamed on YouTube on Wednesday evenings, starting August 5. For details visit our Vinland Online Concerts page.

Our Campfire Jam sessions will take place on Saturday evenings, ending with the ‘Kill the Devil Night’ concert on August 29, consisting of songs, stories and skits featuring Camp participants.

This year’s instructors, collectively known as ‘Lomond Sound’, will be: Jean Hewson, Christina Smith, Hugh Scott, Gerry Strong, Jane Dennison, Eric West, Dave Panting and Gary Green. Gayle Tapper hopes to join us for one of our campfire singalongs. Our special guest artists will also be helping out during some of our online workshops.

The new registration form and fees are available now on our Registration and Fees page.

Of course, it will be a different kind of Camp this year since we won’t be together physically. But we’ll still be able to learn some new songs and dance steps as well as exchange tunes and stories.  We’ll do our best to make sure it’s a relaxing and fun time for everyone! 

If you have questions, suggestions or comments about the Camp, please contact the Camp Director, Eric West.

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