Workshop Instructors

Instructors at the Vinland Music Camp are members of Lomond Sound – a folk arts collective that performs and give workshops at various events throughout the province. The group includes  Jean Hewson, Christina Smith, Daniel Payne, Gayle Tapper, Hugh Scott, Gerry Strong,  Eric West, Dave Panting, Jane Dennison and Gary Green. Camp participants work with these artists to develop performance skills, learn the history of the music and various approaches to interpreting it. Workshops at Camp will be in fiddle, button accordion, guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, harp, cello, wooden flute, tin whistle, ukulele, bodhran, bass guitar and tenor banjo. There will also be instruction in traditional singing, songwriting, folk dancing and storytelling. We will also be giving workshops in mouth organ (harmonica) and kitchen music (playing the spoons, washboards, jaw harp, bones, ugly stick, nose flutes, etc.).


Here are some comments about our instructors from Vinland Music Camp participants:

• Their knowledge, instrument skills and progressive teaching style really created a good learning atmosphere.

• All were enthusiastic and sincere in comments and suggestions, availability of instructors outside of class times was terrific. All were eager to answer questions, provide tips at any time.

• Teachers have a lot to share with students. Very educated and talented.

• Great instructors; hope they’re back next year!

• Working with these stellar instructors is a highlight.

• Very skilled at teaching at your level, accommodating different levels in one class.

• Loved having five musicians for dances, dance practice.

• Very forgiving!!

• Very approachable; open to students’ needs.

• The teachers were amazing.

• They’re awesome.

• Fabulous teachers.

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