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Is the Vinland Music Camp open to adults as well as children? Our Camp is open to all ages. The participants are usually divided between children and adults of all ages.  Many adults attend on their own or with their spouse, children or grandchildren. It’s been our experience that everyone enjoys this mixing of age groups.

Do participants need to have some knowledge or experience in playing an instrument prior to attending? The Vinland Music Camp is for beginners as well as seasoned players – most workshops have two or three levels, from beginner to advanced.  We encourage students to try a new instrument (or dance, songwriting, storytelling, etc.) in addition to their main one.

How many classes should I take? Although there is no limit on the number classes you can take,  most people find that 4-5 selections are plenty as you will need time for practice and recreation. Most classes are 45 minutes long and continue at the same time every day (Monday-Friday). Some workshops are for one or two periods only. Participants can change or add their selections throughout the week.

Can I take private lessons at camp? Private lessons may be arranged with instructors, time permitting, according to their schedule.

I would like to study harp – will I need to rent one? Harp instructor Gayle Tapper will have 2-3 harps at the camp which can be used in class.  Students wishing to practise outside of class time can do so by making arrangements with Gayle to use one of these harps at convenient times. Please check with her if you plan to register for harp workshops and are unable to bring your instrument.

Is transportation available from Deer Lake Airport or would a car rental be required? Car rentals are available at Deer Lake Airport if you book in advance, though it isn’t necessary to have a car at Camp as all transportation is provided once you arrive onsite. Taxis are available at Deer Lake airport (about a 40 minute drive for Camp) for approximately $50 each way. If you notify us well in advance we may  be able to arrange to  pick you up at Deer Lake Airport; please inquire with the director.

Is it a requirement that all students reside at Killdevil during the Camp? For those who need more comfortable accommodation than a camp setting can provide (such as a private bathroom)  there are cabins available for rent nearby at Lomond River Lodge. You can also camp at Gros Morne National Park’s Lomond Campground, about 1 km from Killdevil. Both facilities accommodate camper trailers.

Is it possible to stay at Killdevil before or after Camp? You may be able to stay an extra day or two at Killdevil Camp before or after music camp. Please contact Killdevil Camp Director (email: killdevil.camp@gmail.com) to inquire about accommodation.

General Information for Vinland Music Camp


Accommodations at Killdevil consist of 11 cabins and a main lodge.  The cabins have two rooms with six bunk beds in each room. There is a bathroom with showers in each cabin.  The lodge has two floors of 6 rooms each with 2-3 beds per room.  There are two bathrooms with showers on each floor.  While reasonably comfortable by camp standards, Killdevil isn’t a hotel.  Campers will need to share rooms and pitch in with cleaning dishes (we have a rotating schedule for this).  The Camp has its own electrical generator which it runs continuously.

Camp Menu 

Killdevil camp provides a mix of basic camp-type food (pizza, spaghetti, fries, hamburgers, etc.) and other meals such as steak, turkey and fish. Kitchen staff will try to accommodate each camper’s diet as best they can  by preparing some meals separately. If you have special dietary needs (e.g. you are a vegetarian  or diabetic), we  suggest you bring extra items which do not spoil easily, such as tofu, tahini, TVP, cous-cous,  soybean butter.  There is a refrigerator in the dining room for campers’ use. If you have questions, discuss your diet with the camp cook when you arrive. Killdevil is not close to a large supermarket, so it’s best to bring anything that is not easily obtainable.  The camp director can sometimes purchase items in Corner Brook after you arrive in camp. Common items are available in the nearby community of Woody Point or in Deer Lake (a 30-minute drive from Killdevil).

Directions to Camp

Killdevil Camp is about a 30 minute drive north of Deer Lake, driving north on the Viking Trail (Hwy 430). Turn left (west) at the intersection at Wiltondale, drive 13 km along the road toward Woody Point (Hwy 431) and turn right (north) at the Lomond Campground/ Killdevil access road. Follow this mostly unpaved road until you see the sign for Killdevil Camp on your right, just before Lomond Campground. Watch out for moose on all roads, particularly at night!

Camp Essentials to bring (please make a checklist)

• Pillow and either a sleeping bag or sheets/blankets (these can also be rented from the camp for a $7/week, payable upon arrival).

• Swim suit,  towel,  sunscreen, rain jacket, sun hat and fly repellent. Flip-flops for the shower may also be helpful.

• Any required medicine (please leave with camp nurse unless you have permission from her).

• Flashlight and spare batteries.

• Warm clothing, such as a fleece jacket or woollen sweater, for around the campfire. (Note that synthetic clothing can be adversely affected by sparks).

Things to bring to camp and things not to bring:

Musical Essentials

Bring your instrument(s), unless you have made specific arrangements for the camp to provide them. Also, a three-hole binder with paper,  pencils and an eraser are very useful. We operate a music store for the week of camp at which you can buy basic music supplies (picks, capos, rosin, strings, songbooks, etc.) so bring cash for these purchases.

Optional, but helpful, items to bring

A music stand, a tape or digital recorder and music manuscript paper (8.5 “x 11”) may be useful. Also, songbooks of Newfoundland & Labrador music you are interested in learning.

Electronic Devices

Cell phone coverage is spotty at camp, so you may need to use the camp phone (after asking permission from the camp caretaker).  Also, please check with an instructor or  the camp director or supervisor before video taping concerts or classes.  If possible, turn off the start-up beeping sound on any cameras or phones you use at Camp.


Students should inform us of any significant medical conditions that we should be aware of by filling out this information on the camp registration form, with special attention to life threatening conditions such as peanut allergies. This medical information is considered private and only made available to our staff.

How to find Killdevil Camp

Killdevil Camp is about a 30 minute drive north of Deer Lake, driving north on the Viking Trail (Hwy. 430). Turn left (west) at the intersection at Wiltondale, drive 13 km along the road toward Woody Point (Hwy. 431). Turn right (north) at the Lomond Campground / Killdevil access road. Follow this road until you see the sign for Killdevil Camp on your right, just before Lomond Campground. Watch out for moose on all roads, particularly at night!

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