Accommodations & Meals

Accommodations and Meals

Accommodations at the Vinland Music Camp are provided by Killdevil Camp and Conference Centre and consists of eleven cabins and a main lodge. The cabins have two rooms with six bunk beds in each room and there is a bathroom with a shower in each cabin. The lodge has two floors with 6 rooms on each with 2-3 beds per room (couples can stay together; others may need to share with someone of the same sex). There are two bathrooms with showers on each floor. If you require more private accommodations we suggest you rent a cabin at the nearby Lomond River Lodge, a privately run establishment about a 7-minute drive from Killdevil. You can also camp at Gros Morne National Park’s Lomond Campground, about 1 km from Killdevil. Both facilities accommodate camper trailers.


Cabins at Killdevil Camp and Conference Centre

For those staying at locations other than Killdevil, tuition and meals can be paid for separately. Parents, spouses and children staying offsite can pay for their meals separately. Please see our Registration and Fees page for details.

Camp Menu

Meals are served in the dining hall at 9:00AM, noon and 5:00PM each day. Killdevil Camp provides a mix of basic camp-type food (spaghetti, fries, hamburgers, etc.) and other meals such as steak, turkey and fish. There’s always plenty of fruit and salads available with each meal. Kitchen staff will try to accommodate each camper’s diet as best they can by preparing some meals separately. If you have special dietary needs (e.g. you are a vegetarian or diabetic), we suggest you bring extra items which do not spoil easily, such as tofu, tahini, TVP and cous-cous. There is a refrigerator in the dining room for campers’ use. If you have questions, you can discuss your diet with the camp director before you arrive. Killdevil is not close to a large supermarket so it’s best to bring anything that is not easily obtainable, though the camp director can sometimes purchase items for you in Corner Brook after you arrive in camp. Common items are available in the nearby community of Woody Point or in Deer Lake (a 30-minute drive from Killdevil).

Recreation and safety

Participants have time each day to take part in activities such as hiking, swimming, canoeing, and sports. There will also be campfire singalongs and folk dancing every evening. All activities are supervised by fully qualified staff and counsellors. We will also have a Camp nurse onsite at all times.


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