About Lomond Sound

Lomond Sound  

Lomond Sound is a folk arts collective that performs and give workshops throughout the province, including at the Vinland Music Camp. The group consists of Jean Hewson, Christina Smith, Daniel Payne, Gayle Tapper, Hugh Scott, Gerry Strong, Jane Dennison, Eric West, Dave Panting and Gary Green.  The group recorded a CD-ROM in 2013, entitled Lomond Sound Live, featuring songs, stories and dances from Newfoundland and Labrador. The album was recorded at the LSPU Hall in St John’s.

The group has performed at festivals throughout the Province, including the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival (St John’s), the Gros Morne Fall Fair (Cow Head) and Trails Tails and Tunes (Norris Point).

As well as performing, Lomond Sound offers workshops in traditional music, songwriting, storytelling and dance. Workshop participants develop performance skills, learn the history of the music and various approaches to interpreting it. Please contact us for further information and bookings.

A description of Lomond Sound’s school touring program can be found here.

Following are some comments from participants about Lomond Sound workshops :

• Their knowledge, instrument skills and progressive teaching style really created a good learning atmosphere.

• [The instructors] were enthusiastic and sincere in their comments and suggestions. All were eager to answer questions, provide tips at any time.

• Working with these stellar instructors is a highlight.

• Very approachable; open to students’ needs.


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